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We all live in the midst of a global economy that would collapse almost overnight if it were not for international cooperativity. On what rational basis then do we marginalize those who live elsewhere? None whatsoever. The problem is that the average citizen is not aware of the nature of the situation. Power is being distributed by an ignorant community. Part of the answer, then, is education. Education is one of our best allies in the effort to weaken violence. This is why I teach to learn.

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yesterday i noticed that an event that would have cued a severe and excruciatingly painful secondary emotion a year ago was in fact followed only by a relatively short lived and mildly distracting primary emotion in the moment. that’s cool.

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who was the first poet to question our pretensions to knowledge? rorty? derrida? wittgenstein? nietzsche? hume? berkeley? descartes? william of occam? socrates? euripides? parmenides? sophocles? the buddha? the unknown poetess of the rift valley? who knows?

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do you ever see music the way i do?
i’m just sitting here collecting words for a rainy day.

it’s hard to describe
the way rain drops fall.
lucky for them.

a greater community is calling me these days but do you know

when i was young i would sit in the garden with my parents.
hearing the city sounds and smells over
and over as if
i would never hear them again.
i wanted to hold on.
even then i must have known.

in any case today i can only remember that i love you
the way i did the first time i saw you.
i thought, “may this life be a gift unto me.”

i wanted to see your eyes,
accompanied by Ravel’s “Sonatine,”
just once more before you died.

it’s still not likely.
but i can hope.

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