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it seems that as a form of radical genuineness art contains a great deal of validation. i often wonder, given the conditions we have established, why more people aren’t suicidal or homicidal. i suspect in fact they are, it’s just that they’ve been punished ahead of time for speaking about it. to me this explains the low but persistently endemic level of human violence and cruelty, and the periodically horrifying epidemic flare ups. for example during WW I and II nearly half the world’s population became homicidal and managed to kill off 100 million of their conspecifics. the statistics are almost incomprehensible to me, just because we so rarely validate the endemic nature of such behaviors. because to speak it seems to me is to trust that someone won’t kill you for your expression. and artists of all kind start to look to me like journalists of the most urgent news imaginable. the news of one’s authentic experiences – both those we prefer and those we do not. if we can’t observe and describe a problem, how can we hope to solve it?


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to speak is to trust that someone will not kill you with what you say

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