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at this point in my life i believe it is useful to pay relatively more attention to specific efforts than specific effects

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i have found that the less emotionally vulnerable i am, the more i can learn. and i like learning.

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if i were another of your tears the ocean didn’t want
i’d give something unexpected to the world
             instead of a child,

my daughter thought the story funny when six
years old i told her while swinging in the chair
we strung for her the year of her birth.

she thought we’d made the whole thing up.

how we’d conceived the idea of her
while holidaying in stockholm, tried
all the way from hessen to the dolomites
to give desire expression. finding none

i planted a stone for your memory.
tilled the garden for other works,

i might leave in your stead.

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I have learned that every suffering emotion is like the sangha bell – an event calling me home to myself.

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Looking back at my life, I realize the extent to which it has been influenced by the effort to either control or avoid emotional experiencing. It seems at times as if something has stolen life from me. However, I realize now that life can re-appear in an instant of letting go and letting be. Waking up.

Here. Now.

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