when i write a poem i’m hoping to carry the reader through to a silence they’ve never heard before

dialectical behavior therapy draws upon the classical greek notion that though in discussion there is no Truth, yet a certain sense of freedom may be let loose upon the world

the word reality comes from a root meaning property. and because unguarded property is lost, as soon as we have our reality, we have our requirement: to defend it and keep it.

and if i learn to believe another way?

if thinking is a sensory experience, what is called love?

consider the sun. the energy of hydrogen fusion, generated by the compressive forces of gravity, traversing 90 million of miles of vacuumed space to sustain life—our lives. like. wow.

poetry is like taking notes in someone else’s handwriting

it seems to me that since 1781 it has been much easier to view human experience as a rorschach rather than a telescope

i write poetry to see what life is like in poems