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My recent exclusion from an online professional community list serve initiated the following thoughts:

No apostate should expect life of infinite accolades. The reason for this is that speciation, quite literally, involves a diagnosis of exclusion. Humanity as a species, one of many, has built itself on the basis of in group solidarity and out group derogation. We need only look to the generation of our parents to identify celebrated instances–leaders like Hitler, Stalin, or Roosevelt–whose work was based on policies of exclusion and hate. And this is not to judge them (a priori) evil. No doubt that they did a great deal of good for many, as well as a great deal of harm to others. Rather, it is simply to note the value of such speakers (Plato of Athens, William Brennan, MLK, Beverly Tatum, Eduardo Duran, Judith Shklar, Carol Gilligan, Marsha Linehan) who encompass at least as much inclusion as exclusion. Which community is your own? Consider, and choose wisely. You are your environment.

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