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a land owned ship
was what i sought
two terms of love of night
two ways to hold them moored.

i could not believe the nature
of the blight i saw there over
hill and under cloud.
i was neither sick nor very proud

of the answer that i gave. slowly your
heart broke me like broken wood
of a small boat tossed
from wave to wave.

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i’m amazed that you accept me anymore
that forests stand
how do you do for any of your love
how command

passions to a lovely end
when paramours become an angry stage
upon which to bend
misanthropic gaze

thus i refute you thus comply
with our kind out of sort
something rare died this morning
unable to comport

what does it take for two to intersect
which one first dares to tread the intervening place
of two lovers arms that crave love
and demise of intersecting space

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